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[GreenYes] No-Waste Holiday Ideas (a/k/a understanding your waste likely ends up in a low-income community of color - it's time to reduce 101)
[Apologies for cross-postings]

Greetings - Waste Prevention Holiday Ideas - great for Ramadan, Hanakah,
Yule, Winter Solstice, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Western New Years, MLK Day &
Lunar New Years (Hope I got all of the holidays within the two-month or so
season without missing any particular religeous, cultural or ethnic groups
that may read this - apologies for spelling choices if anyone has other

>From NYC's own INORM Inc.
Here's the link:
Thanks to Eric Most & Eve Martinez

>From the home state of dearly departed Senator Paul Wellstone
Thanks to Marian Feinberg for passing this one on

Thanks to all the folks  I don't know who put together the following:


Snohomish County, WA


King County (Seattle), WA

North Carolina

Best wishes for peace and justice,
Timothy J.W. Logan
Chair, NYC Waste Prevention Coalition

Don't forget to check out some more of the all-time greatest websites for
waste prevention work:

The NYC Waste Prevention Coalition (NYC WPC) (better domain name coming
eventually-so I'm biased 'bout this one)

The GrassRoots Recycling Network (GRRN)

The Global Anti-Incineration Alliance (GAIA)

Zero Waste America

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