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[GreenYes] Hybrids or SUVs
We haven't figured out about Jesus, yet, but Cameron Diaz and Wyatt Earp
drives a Prius.


NEW YORK TIMES - 12/11/02

Hybrid Cars Are Attracting a Broad Range of Americans

ETROIT, Dec. 10 - When drivers want to make a statement with their cars, the
message typically is about status (BMW), hormones (Mustang), power (Hummer)
or speed ( Porsche). But the latest car-as-statement is an unornamented
Japanese subcompact driven by people who want to poke a finger in the eye of
Saddam Hussein, the oil sheiks and the neighbors who jump into gas-guzzling
sport utility vehicles for a drive to the grocery store.
The car, the Toyota Prius, is the best seller in a small but soon-to-grow
category of vehicles known as hybrids that - by running on a combination of
gas and electric power - get as much as twice the mileage of conventional
cars. It has attracted a bipartisan coterie of customers who say they
consider it the anti-S.U.V., a car that makes both a political and
environmental statement without demanding too many trade-offs.

Prius owners, predictably enough, include Hollywood celebrities who wear
their environmentalist sentiments on their sleeves - actors like Cameron
Diaz, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ted Danson. More surprisingly, the car is being
bought by county sheriffs and bank executives intent on doing their part, as
tensions escalate in the Mideast, to reduce American oil imports.

"We're, hopefully, setting an example for the community," said Robert
Crowder, the sheriff of Martin County, Fla., who has bought 15 hybrids for
his department.
In Marion County, Fla., Wyatt Earp, who besides being a descendant of the
Wyatt Earp is a fleet manager for the sheriff's office, has bought four
Priuses. "This is a technology that will take us out of our dependence on
foreign oil," he said.

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