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[GreenYes] EPP Model Policy
I want to let you know about a new model Environmentally Preferable
Purchasing policy that I've recently developed with Delyn Kies (Kies
Strategies) for the Alameda County Source Reduction and Recycling Board. The
text is at

This draws on many sources - the Resourceful Purchasing guide I wrote with
Nancy VandenBerg in 1996; excellent points and language from policies in San
Mateo (CA), King County (WA), San Jose (CA), and many policies on the Center
for a New American Dream's website; my own experience in environmental
product areas, especially paper; and input from a number of experts in areas
such as energy, landscaping, toxics, vehicles, and green building. We also
circulated it to many experts who gave us feedback, including the Board's
legal counsel. Local jurisdictions are now considering it, and are likely to
choose which parts of it to emphasize in their government, and in what way.

The policy is written in an unusual way because it combines features of both
legislation and implementation guidelines. Since Alameda County includes
jurisdictions with a wide range of purchasing situations, the Board
recognized that there were many different ways that a jurisdiction might use
this model policy, including as a local ordinance, implementation
guidelines, specifications, or internal policy. They wanted it to meet all
the needs in one document, and then each government can modify it to fit
their particular requirements. So you'll see URLs in it, which should be
removed before using it for legislation, but you'll also see more help in it
than in many documents. Over the next couple of months, we'll adapt it into
a number of different formats such as legislation and implementation
guidelines, but we thought some of you might appreciate it as a composite
document as well.

Susan Kinsella
Susan Kinsella & Associates
and Conservatree
Novato, CA 
Phone: 415/883-6264
Fax: 509/756-6987

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