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[GreenYes] Glass, plastic and steel cans not recyclable, says paper industry executive
According to an article in the latest issue of Recycling Today, Dr. James
Burke of SP Newsprint Co. recently said that:

	"Beverage containers, except for aluminum cans, are not
recyclable...Glass is not only not recyclable, because 	there is no market
for it..."

Now, I would admit that the economics of recycling glass, plastic and steel
don't look so good right now. But part of this is due to the massive
subsidies that exist for raw materials and energy, and the lack of the
incorporation of externalities into the equation for the benefits of
recycling and the negative impacts of material extraction and disposal. 

But to say that containers are not recyclable is certainly not the truth,
nor is it the truth that there are no markets for glass.

The editor of Recycling Today, Brian Taylor,  invites readers to provide
comments by email at

John Reindl, Recycling Manager
Dane County, WI 

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