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[GreenYes] Refs. about virgin subsidies

GRRN's "Welfare for Wasting" at
NRC's "Level the Playing Field" at

Gary Liss

At 10:04 AM 11/14/2002 -0800, Lori Stole wrote:
>Can anyone recommend some good references about the subsidies on virgin
>- Lori
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>Actually, more important than economies of scale are the three simple words,
>"supply and demand."  The average consumer (meaning large consumer) does not
>demand enough of the product to drive manufacturers to reach economies of
>Another two words that tip the scales in favor of the non-recycled paper are
>"virgin subsidies."  Prices for recycled paper would pull much closer to
>virgin fiber manufactured paper if the federal tax laws were re-written to
>remove the advantage given to timber harvest over secondary materials
>Of course this applies to virgin feedstocks for plastics, metals and other
>extracted raw materials as well.
>    -Phil

Gary Liss
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