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RE: [GreenYes] #1 plastic cups
I applaud your effort here!!   If you haven't checked this allready, however, you'll want to do so ASAP: are #1 plastic cups actually recyclable in your local program?  Many programs that accept #1 and #2 plastics will ONLY accept bottles/jugs/jars...They won't accept cups, take out containers, or tubs, EVEN IF they are #1 and #2 plastics...It has something to do with the way containers without a neck are made and they melt at different temperatures, so they aren't accepted in most programs...If the program coordinators are educated that well they'll tell you you can recycle them, when infact the local market may be discarding them in the trash anyway.
Also, theres a slight possibility that #6 plastic cups may have a local market...I think some Dart Container plants may accept #6 plastic with #6 foam recycling...These programs are far and few between, and our local Dart plant only accepts foam, but it's something to look into.
The Skydome in Toronto, at least when I was up there a few years ago, does have a recycling program in place for plastic cups.  When I was up there I remember seeing bins all over the place for plastic cups, I also remember them having a BFI logo on the bins.  So I'd track down the Skydome and see whats up...I'm not sure if their cups were #1 or #6, but I'd assume they were one or the other...I recently saw beverage cups at church that were #5, so I don't know which plastic cup would be more marketable in your area...But do make sure you do research as to weather CUPS are recyclable in your program.
Dart Container can be reached at 1-800-288-CARE.
I'm curious as to how this all turns out, so if you think about it let me know then...
good luck!
Steve Weisser
Lancaster PA

Stephen N. Weisser
Child Poverty rates: 20% US, 34% Wash. DC, 25% CA, 35% New Orleans. 
Highest of any country in the western world. 
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Subject: [GreenYes] #1 plastic cups

Thank you to everyone for the info on biodegradeable packaging and utensils. I am still in need of #1 14oz. beer cups. I have found some locally, but the price is much higher than the #6 cups that we currently use for our event. We use approximately 200,000 - 300,000 for our annual Labor Day festival. The #1 cups I have found are about $.5 higher per cup than the #6, which adds up to a very substantial amount when you start to figure the quanities. I am starting a recycling program at the festival and a large percentage of our garbage is beer cups. I want to make the program as effective as possible by switching our type of cups and packaging, but I am afraid that because of the cost, it will not be approved by our Board of Directors. If anyone has any contacts in regards to this, please have them call me at 815-964-4388.

Thank you,
Karen King
On the Waterfront, Inc.

Producer of Illinois' Largest Music Festival, On the Waterfront, Inc. is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization whose mission is Community Advancement through Celebration.

On the Waterfront has helped local not-for-profits raise over $6.5 million since 1986.

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