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Re: [GreenYes] indoor composting
On 5 Sep 2002 at 6:41, Frank Teuton wrote:

> Indoor composting can be done in a great many ways.

Thanx for clearing that up for the people, Frank - I thought I would add my two cents 

we have just come out of WSSD where we ran the Global Forum as a Zero Waste 
event - looks like around an 80% diversion! will let you all know... but, we sent all our 
organics to a vermicomposting facility, so our knowledge has grown - 

firstly, this is BETTER than composting, in my mind - convert to a high grade fertiliser, 
rather than compost - second, it seems there are no real limits to size, as this is 
dependent on (obviously) container, but also worm population...

so, my understanding is that this can be scaled up or down, as needed...

hope that helps!

kind regards
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