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[GreenYes] recycling vs landfilling costs
In our predominantly rural county of 21,000 here in NE Iowa where the cost of landfilling has traditionally been low (that's changing now of course--we're at a $53/ ton tipping fee), we have to be able to justify the cost of our recycling program.  Unfortunately we don't have volume-based fees for trash collection, so it's easy for the short term thinkers to be less than supportive of subsidies for recycling.
Does anyone on the list have some suggestions for me about case studies or analyses or formulas which compare the costs of recycling to the long term costs of landfilling (including the pre- and post-closure fees)?  Ours is a voluntary drop off system and the landfill is owned by the county.
I know that if one looks at the Big Picture, even with the subsidies from the Board of Supervisors, recycling is cheaper, but I need some figures or proof.......
Heidi Swets
Spectrum Industries Recycling
Decorah, Iowa 52101

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