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>From: Amit Srivastava <>
>Date: Wed, 28 Aug 2002 16:09:42 -0700
>Contacts:  Tom Goldtooth, IEN, +27 (0)828580316
>                                         Amit Srivastava, CorpWatch, +27 
> (0)724772267
>Johannesburg (August 29, 2002) -- A coalition of diverse groups, mostly 
>from the global South, addressed a press conference today calling for a 
>just and equitable solution to climate change.  The International Climate 
>Justice Network, comprising 14 groups from 5 continents, released the Bali 
>Principles of Climate Justice- a set of action principles designed to be 
>more inclusive of local communities, especially those impacted by climate 
>"Local communities and Indigenous Peoples have been kept out of the global 
>processes to address climate change and yet we are the hardest hit by the 
>effects of climate change," said Tom Goldtooth, of the Indigenous 
>Environmental Network.  "The principles of climate justice address the 
>inadequacies of current negotiations to address climate change and puts 
>local communities at the center of the solution.   They redefine climate 
>change from a human rights and environmental justice perspective," said 
>The principles also address the central role that industrialized nations 
>and transnational corporations play in causing climate change, and 
>denounce market-based mechanisms and technological "fixes" currently being 
>promoted by corporations as false solutions that will further exacerbate 
>the problem.  "Similar to the WSSD, the current negotiations on climate 
>change are being used by industrialized nations and corporations to 
>further economic liberalization by providing more access to markets," said 
>Amit Srivastava of CorpWatch.
>The next Conference of Parties to the UNFCCC (COP8) will be held in New 
>Delhi, India and Indian groups have announced plans to organize a three 
>day parallel event  The Climate Justice Summit- to address the human 
>impacts of climate change.  "India has witnessed extreme weather this year 
>which is an indication of things to come.  Climate change in India is a 
>reality that will destroy the livelihoods of millions of people, people 
>who have no say whatsoever in formulating the solutions," said Sanjay 
>Mangala Gopal, co-coordinator of the National Alliance of People's 
>Movements, an Indian network of more than 150 community based struggles.
>The 27 principles of Climate Justice address a wide range of issues, 
>including the rights of Indigenous Peoples and affected communities to 
>speak for themselves.  They also call for a moratorium on all new fossil 
>fuel exploration and exploitation and the right of all people to have 
>access to affordable and sustainable energy.
>The International Climate Justice Network includes CorpWatch (US), Friends 
>of the Earth International, Greenpeace International, groundwork (South 
>Africa), Indigenous Environmental Network, Indigenous Information Network 
>(Kenya), National Alliance of People's Movements (India), National 
>Fishworkers Forum (India), OilWatch Africa, OilWatch International, 
>Southwest Network for Environmental and Economic Justice (US), Third World 
>Network (Malaysia) and World Rainforest Movement (Uruguay).
>Amit Srivastava
>International Programs Coordinator
>P.O. Box 29344, San Francisco, CA 94129, USA
>Tel: 1 415 561 6472  Fax: 1 415 561 6493
>CorpWatch -- "Holding Corporations Accountable Locally & Globally"
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