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Though not a Dartmouth Alumni member, I recently read an article in the
Dartmouth Alumni Magazine titled something to the effect of "Can this man
save the planet/world" discussing a designer/architect (name was perhaps
McDonough or something close to that) who designed among other unique,
"green" buildings a Ford factory (on the Rouge River I believe) in Detroit
or Dearborn, MI and an academic building on the Oberlin campus.    I found
it facinating.  I would like to use ot with students and look more into what
he and his architectural firm do.  Does anyone have access to it?  Or could
anyone at least give me the man's correct name and or the correct name of a
place he designed or even the correct title of the article?

Andrew C. Weidmann     Hobart College '94
549 East 234th st. Apt. 2B
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