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[GreenYes] Local recycling directory for businesses that produce or sell green products??
Dear GreenYessers,

I have been reading a lot of great information from this mailing list thank
you all for sharing your knowledge.
Before I ask my question I want to give you an idea of where I am coming
I live in beautiful Colorado Springs / El Paso County where we only recycle
6% of our solid waste and as a state we are 46th in the nation for
recycling, now that's something to be proud of, just kidding in fact it's
down right embarrassing for a state that claims to have a green image.
Our community had a talking trash symposium around Earth Day of this year
and we gathered several dedicated supporters for the recycling cause. Out of
that event we formed a steering committee to research how we can improve
recycling in El Paso County.
In our last meeting we considered printing a recycling directory that
contained products either produced locally or sold by local businesses that
are 100 % recycled or contain recycled material in order to help businesses
close the recycling loop.
We are familiar with the Green Pages and were thinking of something along
those lines but locally.

My question is: Has anyone produced a recycling directory for businesses
that produce or sell green products on a local level and if so, what
guidelines were used in choosing the products or businesses for that

Thirdly our concerns are life cycle costs of those products out weighing
that of virgin produced products. In some instances where the external cost
are not factored in to recycled products making them more energy intensive.

Any feedback on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Mike Dabroski
"Recycling For Your Child's Future
Because Once Is Not Enough"

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