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[GreenYes] Drought in Virginia -- Sustainable policy choice?
This is from a press release issued today by the VA Governor's office.  Gov.
Warner has also filmed PSAs about water conservation tips.  My county is not
under any water use restrictions, but most counties in the state are.  About
3/4 of the state is listed as "severe", "extreme", or "exceptional" drought
conditions (bad to worse).  

Governor Warner has instructed the Virginia Department of Transportation and
public safety agencies to conduct an inventory of the state's water storage
and transportation assets. The state also is urging public schools,
state-supported colleges and universities and other institutional water
consumers to use disposable cups, plates and utensils.  (emphasis added)

So, my question is:  are disposables a good choice to conserve water?  I'm
sure they will cost more, since schools already have the plates, glasses,
and dishwashers in place.  I don't know where the disposables will be
manufactured, or transported, but I'm sure they will be landfilled (or
incinerated) here in Virginia.

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