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[GreenYes] Organics Diversion Potential from Grocery Stores
Hello greenyessers:

I am looking for data on how much organic/compostable material is divertable from grocery stores - conventional chain, suburban style stores.

The recent Waste Cap study from Wisconsin showed 3.3 tons/store for their three month pilot with six 'conventional stores.
Our monthly ave. from the two groceries on our compost pick up program is 12-15 tons/store. One of those is a 15,000sf coop grossing $12mm/year 
the other is a Whole Foods Store of 28,000 sf (no $ figures available). both of those have instore restaurants/takeout. The coop has an in store bakery & sit down restaruant it partners with.
The conventional stores we're targeting all have in store bakeries & significant take/out deli (no in store restaurant)
Anyone else have data on grocery organics, please post or write to me. thanks. bp

Blair Pollock
Solid Waste Programs Manager
(919) 968-2788
fax: (919) 932-2900
PO Box 17177
Chapel Hill, NC 27516-7177

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