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[GreenYes] Fwd: video: Off the Books! Environment & Human Rights/opportunity for broadcast, screenings in your area

From: Sanford Lewis <>
Delivered-To: mailing list
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2002 21:24:45 -0400


I am pleased to announce that my new video, Off The Books! Environment & Human Rights, will be broadcast in September and October on the Free Speech TV satellite and cable networks.  I invite you to help get the word out, encourage local cable and public TV stations to broadcast the video, and conduct house parties or public screenings in your area. The first broadcast date is September 8, at 7:30 eastern time.

By now  we have all heard of Enron and Worldcom, where lawyers and accountants may have hidden billions of dollars in financial debt.   But little light has been shed on another loophole in corporate accounting.  Lawyers and accountants at many large companies are hiding environmental, product safety and labor problems from investors. Like financial debt, these represent hundreds of billions of dollars of hidden corporate liabilities -- leaving us all in the dark as to what a company is really worth and whether its leaders are ethical.

Off the Books! Environment & Human Rights is a thirty minute video that tells what happens when corporations leave human rights, health, and environment off the books and out of mind. It moves from the stories of asbestos, to medical devices, paper industry and human rights  in Burma. But most of all we believe it makes a powerful case for how better enforcement and standards by the Securities and Exchange Commission could help to begin bringing Wall Street and Corporate America into line with societyıs values.

The video is part of a national campaign for better disclosure on environment and human rights, led by the Corporate Sunshine Working Group - an alliance of investors, academics, and activists. As part of CSWG's emerging campaign, we are currently planning community and academic screenings throughout the U.S.  Visit our website at to watch a trailer and learn more.

More information on how to participate follows below.


Sanford Lewis
Attorney and Filmmaker
781 894-0709


Education and Outreach Campaign

How to Participate

o Send this email notice (with a note, if you've seen the video)  to your networks,  friends and allies.

o Encourage organizations of which you are a member to host screenings and publicize the film, as well as its upcoming cable and satellite broadcasts.

o Order a copy of the video at

o Conduct a screening in your area followed by a panel discussion, to educate the public on the need for better Securities and Exchange Commission enforcement of corporate social and environmental disclosure, as well as for discussion of socially responsible investment in general. 

o Encourage environmental law, business ethics, securities law, and environmental policy professors to conduct screenings for their classes or at their schools.

o  Publish a review, or send us comments for potential inclusion in PR materials for the video.

o Send a letter to the SEC regarding the need for enforcement and clearer standards on corporate disclosure of environmental and human rights issues.

o  Help us raise funds for the ongoing campaign around the video and to press the SEC for reform. The urgent nature of this issue has put us in a difficult position - enormous demand for the video and interest in the SEC disclosure issue, but few resources to press the campaign and distribute the film. We need to raise $25,000 in the near term to advance this issue during the fall and also hope to expand the campaign consistent with current interest and opportunities. Contact us for additional info. You can send tax deductible donations to Friends of the Earth/OTB Video Project to: Michelle Chan-Fishel, Friends of the Earth, 1847 Berkeley Way, Berkeley, CA  94703.

o  Arrange cable or public TV broadcast in your area. See enclosed insert for additional information.

We are in the process of preparing background materials that will accompany the film. These will provide more information on the topics that are covered by the film, and will assist discussion leaders or classroom usage. Watch for the background materials to appear on our web site,, on approximately September 4th.  You can also get additional policy readings at our sister site,


Millions of households in the potential viewing audience

Free Speech TV is an activist broadcast network which is accessible to 9 million households via satellite dish, local cable stations and webcast.  Free Speech TV will be broadcasting Off the Books! Environment & Human Rights during September and October.

Those who subscribe to the DISH network (one of the two large satellite networks) can view the program on DISH network channel 9415. The video will be broadcast at 7:30 PM eastern time on September 8 as part of FSTV's special Sustainable Development weekend of programming.  It will also be broadcast several other times in September and October.  You can find out the other times by clicking on the TV Schedule at

FSTV is picked up and rebroadcast by more than 65 community  cable stations throughout the US. You can contact your local station if listed below to request broadcast of the video . You can also send the video to other cable or public TV stations that are not listed, and request broadcast.

FSTV Cable Access-Channel Affiliates


Monterey, CA

Access Monterey Peninsula
Channel 24 Airs: Mon+Fri- 4am-6am; 10am-12pm. Sun+Thurs- 4pm-6pm; 10pm-12am.
Contact: Paul Congo, 2200 Garden Road Monterey, CA 93940. 831-333-1267. Fax: 813-333-0386.

Tucson, AZ

Channel 74, cable ready channel 74
Airs: 10-12am nightly,
Contact: Access Tucson. Vikki Dempsey. 124E Broadway Blvd Tucson, AZ 85701. Phone: 502-624-9833. Fax: 502-792-2565.

Berkeley, CA

Channel 25 + CTV Channel 78
Airs: Channel 25: Tues, Wed, + Thurs: 6a-8a; Wed: 3p-5p; Thurs: 12p-2p: Fri: 6p-8p. Channel 78: T,W,Th: 6a-8:30a.
Contact: Berkeley Community Media. Taryn Clark. 2239 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. Berkeley, CA 94704. Phone: 510-848-2288, ext. 14. Fax: 510-848-0265.

Santa Cruz, CA

Channel 27
Airs: Mon. & Thurs., 10pm-6am
Contact: Ron Holman, 816 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 Community Television of Santa Cruz County, 831-425-8848 ext 27. Fax: 831-425-3958.

Boulder, CO

Channel 54
Airs: W, Th: 10-12 pm, Th, F: 2-4 am.
Contact: Community Access of Boulder, Inc., Andy Bergey. 2590 Walnut, Dairy Center for The Arts. Boulder, CO 80301. Phone: 303-440-1000. Fax: 303-440-8337.

Denver, CO

Channel 57
Airs: Mon. 10p-12a.
Contact: Denver Community TV, Stanley Li. 2900 Welton St., Denver, CO 80205. Phone: 303-295-4040. Fax: 303-295-4045.

New Haven, CT

Channel 27,28,29
Airs: Tues + Thurs: 2-4pm Channel 28
Contact: Citizens Television, Inc., Tim Dagradi. 873 StateSt.., New Haven, CT 0651 Phone:203-562-2288 ext. 103, Fax: 203-562-2563.

Cambridge, MA

Cambridge Community Television
Channel 9+10
Airs: Mon: 9-11pm; Tues: 8:30-10:30pm
Contact: Cambridge Community TV , Kevin Carson 675 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge, MA 02138. Phone: 617-661-6900. Fax: 617-661-6927.

Fitchburg, MA
Channel 36
Airs: Mon-Fri: 9a-10a and 11p-12a.
Contact: Fitchburg Access Television, Paul Wieland. 376 South St. Fitchburg, MA 01420. Phone: 978-343-0834. Fax: 978-342-7266.

Malden, MA
Channel 3
Airs: Mon-Fri: after programming, starting between 10:30p-12a through 5am. Sat + Sun: 10p-5am.
Contact: Malden Access TV, Tina Jayroe/Jeff. 145 Pleasant St. Malden, MA 02148.
Phone: 781-321-6400. Fax: 781-321-7121.

Shrewsbury, MA

Channel 33.
Airs: Wed + Thurs: 2-4am.
Contact: Shrewsbury Public Access Connection. Bill Nay. 57 Parker Rd. Shrewsbury, MA 01545. Phone: 508-841-8650. Fax: 508-841-8651.

Somerville, MA

Channel 3.
Airs: Tues-Fri: 8a-8:30a and 9a-10a.
Contact: Somerville Community Access. Eleanor Pye. 90 Union Square, Somerville, MA 02143. Phone: 617-628-8826. Fax: 617-628-1811.

Grand Rapids, MI
Channels: 25
Airs: Tues-Thurs.: 12-2am
Contact: GRTV, Kellie Ashcroft. 711 Bridge NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504. Phone: 616-459-4788. Fax: 616-459-3970.

St. Louis, MO

County interconnect increased Channels: American, if cable ready 37-A, if converter box 5-A, Charter I, 16 if cable ready, 22 if converter box; Charter II, Channel 20; Charter III, Channel 115; Charter West, Channel 10; Channel 10 for TCI County; TCI City, Channel 13.
Airs: Mon+Fri: 8-10pm
Contact: Higher Education Channel. Amy Whited. 8420 Delmar St., Suite 504, St. Louis, MO 63124. Phone: 314-991-2700, ext 13. Fax: 314-991-2874.

Bismarck, ND

Channel 12.
Airs: M-F 1-2pm.
Contact: Community Access TV. Mary Van Sickle. 307 N. 4tth St. Bismarck, ND 58501. Phone: 701-258-8767. Fax: 701-258-8871.

Albuquerque, NM

Channel 27.
Airs: M-F: 12-1:30pm; Sat., Sun, Mon: 12-5am.
Contact: Quote...Unquote, Inc. Steve Ranieri. PO Box 26206 Albuquerque, NM 87125. Phone: 505-243-0027. Fax: 505-243-5883.

Beaverton, OR

Channel 23,21,30.
Airs: Mon-Fri: 11p-1am
Contact: Tualatin Valley Community Access. Jeremy Romagna. 1815 NW 169th PL Suite 6020. Phone: 503-629-8534, ext 119.

Gresham, OR

Channel 21, 22, 27
Airs: Channel 22: Mon-Fri: 10:30-11am; M,T,W,F: 11a-12pm; Thurs: 2p-3p. Channel 21: M,T,W: 1a-5a; Thurs: 11p-5am. Channel 27: M,W,F: 10p-11p; Mon: 4-5pm; Sun + Tues: 11p-1am.
Contact: Multnomah Community Television. David Bram. 26000 SE Stark St. Gresham, OR 97030. Phone: 503-491-7636,ext 32. Fax: 503-491-7417.

Portland, OR
Channels 23
Airs: Thurs, Sat.+ Sun: 12am-6am.
Contact: Portland Cable Access. Victor Hoornstra. 2766 NE Martin Luther King Jr Drive. Portland, OR 97212-3036. Phone: 503-288-1515, ext 23. Fax: 503-288-8173.

Madison, WI
Channel 4
Airs: Sat. 2-4 PM and Democracy Now at 5-6PM, M-F.
Contact: WYOU-Community TV. Todd Price. 650 E. Main St. Madison, WI 53703. Phone: 608-258-9644.

The following additional stations may have access to FSTV by the time the video is broadcast:

Other Potential FSTV Cable Stations
Amherst, MA         Amherst CTV        Michael Billingsley        413-256-1010
Burlington, VT     Nat Ayer            802-862-1645
Philadelphia, PA   DUTV/Drexel Univ.   Debbie Rudman        215-895-2927
Missoula, MT        Missoula CATV        Lori Hudak        406-542-6228
Pittsburgh, PA    Pittsburgh Comm. TV    Thomas Poole        412-322-7579
Napa, CA            Napa PACTV        Bryan Miller        707-257-0574
Brattleboro, VT        Brattleboro  CTV        Dawn Hoff        802-257-0888
Natick, MA        Natick Pegasus Inc.    Peter Zawadzki        508-651-0022
Houston, TX      Houston Media Source    Marshall Parker        713-524-7700
Seattle, WA        Seattle CAN        Janis Strout        206-522-4758



1. Screen it in a local theater, school or union hall along with films on related themes. For instance, Off the Books has been shown along with the films Blue Vinyl and This is What Democracy Looks Like.

2. Follow a public screening of Off the Books at a school or other local facility with a panel discussion of activists and investors, and a "town meeting" style discussion. The Corporate Sunshine Working Group can help you find potential panelists in your area.

3. Hold a house party and screen the video. Lead a discussion among the attendees, write letters to the SEC, and if possible, help us raise money for the campaign to pressure the SEC to act on these issues.

4. Encourage your local cable access or public television station to air the film.

5. Encourage a local business or law school to conduct a screening of the film, followed by a talk or debate. You may even be able to get the filmmaker to come and speak about the film. Call or email Sanford Lewis to discuss his availability. 781 894-0709

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485
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