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RE: [GreenYes] FW: Telephone Book Recycling South Carolina - FWD on behalf of Jane Hiller
A number of years ago the State of MN actually passed product stewardship
legislation that makes the telephone directory publishers responsible for
the cost of the collection program. For additional information contact or


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Subject: Telephone Book Recycling South Carolina

Dear Doris,

My name is Jane Hiller, and I am the Director of the Recycling Education
Center at Paper Stock Dealers in Columbia, South Carolina.  My company
accepts phonebooks for recycling during the month of February when the new
directories are delivered to homes and businesses.  These directories cannot
be collected curbside with other materials in our area since they would add
too much volume to the already full curbside truck routes.  Books must
therefore be taken to drop-off sites or brought to us. The Columbia area
books are trucked to our parent company,  the Sonoco Corp who recycles them
into recycled paper packaging.  The fibers in phonebook paper are very short
and have little strength.  For that reason, only small amounts of the paper
can be mixed in with cardboard as it is recycled. This means that the paper
must be stored for extended periods of time until it can gradually be used
up. Other recovered paper industries have other problems recycling
phonebooks.  The companies, for instance, who make insulation can only
phonebooks that have been kept totally dry.  That is not possible at our
facility since we do not have warehouse space to keep them inside while they
are collected.

Presently we are working together with other CRA members through the
Networking Council to find ways to reduce the amount of phonebooks still
being sent to landfills.  Following is a letter describing the project we
engaged in at the moment.

  Each year, Keep the Midlands Beautiful of South Carolina coordinates a
telephone book recycling program to provide an alternative disposal method
for this otherwise hard-to-recycle commodity. 350 tons were collected last
year alone. We appreciate the support of residents and businesses, and
applaud their efforts to make a difference.

  Still, less than one-fifth of all phone books are recycled; 2000 tons
(4,000,000 pounds) are still being trashed. This wastes natural resources,
decreases landfill capacity and increases governmental as well as commercial
disposal costs.

  Many taxpayers have also contacted us about phonebook waste, including
businesses who receive excess books, residents who receive multiple copies
one book or books from multiple companies, and books that become litter
being left at unoccupied residences.

  Now that this year's telephone book recycling program has concluded, we're
exploring ways to increase telephone book recycling and reduce the amount of
waste generated by phone books. We will look beyond short-term solutions and
investigate long-term strategies that will address the concerns of business
and consumers, the impact on the environment, and the fiscal well-being of
our governments.  To do so will be a challenge, and we ask for public
by completing a survey at so that together,
we can make a difference.
Please feel free to check out our questionaire.

Jane Hiller
Recycling Education Center
Paper Stock Dealers
1132 idlewilde Blvd.
Columbia, SC 29201

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