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RE: [GreenYes] public library as a collection point for public office paper recycling
In Austin, many libraries just don't have enough storage space for their own
in-house recycling, so check that out.  Most single family residences have
curbside recycling.  Outdoor recycling containers that are not manned tend
to attract all sorts of contamination.  In the past we have surveyed other
cities about outdoor recycling drop-offs, and they pretty much can work if
someone is there to man the drop-off spot.  Most libraries here have
magazine exchanges, so they get a lot of used mags that need to be recycled.

A couple of years back we had three paper recycling carts (90-gal) set on
fire that were located outside a library on their back loading area.  At
least a fire station was two blocks away, but it was a weekend night.  You
can still see melted blue plastic in the pavement.  One a side note, in the
parking lot the arsonists left a wire mesh Bevo with sparklers.  We suspect
a fraternity...but who knows.

Katherine J. Murray
Waste Diversion Planner
City of Austin Solid Waste Services
(512) 974-9043
fx (512) 974-9048
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