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[GreenYes] public library as a collection point for public office paperrecycling
I know that most public libraries have office paper recycling (as ours
in Jax, FL does).  I've also heard that some municipalities collect
white paper (office paper) in their curbside programs; Jax does not. 
While I would like to add this to the list of materials we can collect
curbside, I realize that convincing the City, the haulers, and the MRF
to take on a new stream is a daunting task.  In the meantime, I am
exploring the idea of coordinating a public white/office paper drop-off
point at local public libraries.  That is, having local residents who
have library cards to bring their white/office paper to the library to
be recycled. Has anyone else already tried this?  Do you have any

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