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[GreenYes] Academic endorsement for incinerators in NYC
From today's NY Times
and the first few paragraphs pasted here.

Putting Garbage to Good Use

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg's recent proposal to develop garbage-transfer stations to compact refuse and send it away by barge is a step in the right direction. The stations, to be placed in waterfront locations throughout the city, would replace a system that uses thousands of polluting, diesel-fueled trucks daily to haul garbage through the city's streets to landfill sites in other states.

Now the city should find, indeed create, better destinations for the 11,000 tons of household refuse that New Yorkers produce every day. In doing so, New York could help itself and several cities and towns along the Hudson River that need to revive their economies.

Currently, the city contracts with private vendors to ship its waste and dispose of it in out-of-state landfills. But the private waste-management business is composed of a small number of large companies and is thus not very competitive. This has contributed to astronomical garbage disposal costs. The Sanitation Department's operating costs reached $1 billion last year.

A better approach would be for the city to build its own sites in some of the depressed localities that dot the Hudson's shores. Under such a plan, sponsored together with the state, New York City could build high-temperature incinerators that generate electricity, known as waste-to-energy plants, in industrial sections of these towns. In exchange, the city could offer free or reduced-cost garbage disposal for participating towns and perhaps low-priced electricity (generated by the incinerators) to businesses that put offices or factories in these localities.

If needed, additional incentives, like help with building new public schools or recreational areas, could be offered under such a state-sponsored program.


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If you are not for Zero Waste, how much waste are you for?

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