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[GreenYes] Save the Date! Statewide Food Residuals Diversion Summit
Title: Save the Date! Statewide Food Residuals Diversion Summit

For immediate release from the California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB):
How much food is in your waste stream? Food is a valuable resource. Yet thousands of tons of food scraps are sent straight to landfills every day by California businesses, institutions and residents. This may be a result of lack of information, absence of an infrastructure to handle food scraps or minimal economic incentives to divert food scraps. California Local governments are bound by law to maintain high solid waste reduction levels or face serious penalties, and food scraps can represent up to 32% of a jurisdiction's total disposal stream. California state facilities are under similar mandates.  To that end, programs are being planned and implemented in many areas of the state to divert this food through local food banks, composting or other means.  How can we facilitate the development and expansion of these programs and help businesses reduce disposal costs?

The CIWMB is hosting a two-day conference to improve management of food scraps in California from generation to end use. The conference will bring together industry leaders and hands-on managers representing the generation, processing, and shipping of food scraps and those involved in the recovery and disposal of food. Large and small group discussions will identify barriers and solutions and include sessions on such topics as program economics, outreach, incentives, and success stories.

Attendees will work together to identify the barriers to food diversion and the means to overcome these barriers. The specific targeted audience represents:

Local Government
Food Industry
Solid Waste Industry
Local Enforcement Agencies
Food Banks/Rescue Programs
Animal Feed Manufacturers/Renderers
Hospitality/Restaurant Industry
Extra effort has been made to recruit representatives of food residual generators. Generator input is crucial for the success of long-term strategies and program decisions made by local government. Attendance from the sectors listed above in California is highly encouraged.

What: Food Waste Diversion Summit
When: October 22nd and 23rd, 2002
Where: Hilton Sacramento Arden West
Cost: Early Non-profit registration (if received by September 6, 2002)          $ 80
Late Non-profit registration (if received after September 6, 2002)              $125
Commercial registration                                                         $125
Exhibitors (includes one complimentary registration)                            $250
We look forward to a wide representation of the food management infrastructure, and hope you will attend to provide your unique point of view. If you are interested in attending, you can find registration information on line

For more information, or to provide mailing list additions from your jurisdiction, please contact Terry Brennan at (916) 341-6578 or

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