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[GreenYes] Vermicomposting Seminar, 10/11-12/02, Portland, Oregon
Opportunities in Vermicomposting
Best Management Practices Seminar
Make plans now to attend the October 11-12, 2002 event in Portland, Oregon

How to Manage Organic Wastes: Converting Garbage into Gold
How to Build an Earthworm Business: From Planning to Pitfalls
Discover the Benefits of Earthworm Castings in Soils and in Plant Production:
Why Supply Won’t Meet Demand

Why does interest in vermiculture (breeding earthworms) and vermicomposting 
(producing castings) continue to escalate?

  Who are the leading authorities and experienced field workers?

  Where are the upcoming marketing opportunities?

  Why have university-sponsored plant growth trials sparked interest in 
earthworm castings?

  How can you take advantage of the latest discoveries to enter and profit 
from this emerging industry?

The Best Management Practices in Vermicomposting curriculum provides a 
course of instruction and training that will give you the resources and 
understanding you seek. This complete two-day intensive seminar is 
conducted by leading experts who provide a comprehensive and in-depth view 
of the major issues and concerns. The executive conference room/classroom 
allows attendees to closely examine problem areas and to interact with 
instructors in a lively discovery/discussion format.

Presentations using computer-generated power point graphics, slides, 
overhead transparencies, videotapes, and a comprehensive notebook allow 
maximum information and technology transfer to take place in a comfortable, 
relaxed atmosphere. Day-long interaction with students and instructors, 
from morning coffee/tea, through the catered lunch, and into the afternoon, 
means that your time will be packed with information and practical 
techniques that are not offered anywhere else! Certificates of Training 
will be awarded to those who satisfactorily pass an optional exam.

As vermicomposting programs and business opportunities become more 
widespread, it has become increasingly important to gain the understanding 
necessary to incorporate various streams of knowledge into a comprehensive 
format.  Questions arise concerning a wide variety of issues, ranging from 
simple—the mechanics of operating a worm bin—to the complex, such as, What 
factors need to be considered in operating a large-scale vermicomposting 

This unique curriculum includes a broad range of perspectives and 
resources.  Space is limited!  We recommend immediate registration for the 
next available session which will be held in Portland, Oregon on Friday and 
Saturday, October 11-12, 2002.

Special Benefits

·         Problem-solving workshop exercises.  Analyze actual and 
hypothetical operations to find better ways to become more productive.

·         A comprehensive seminar notebook for continued reference.  This 
resource, containing over 420 pages of material is, according to those who 
have attended, worth the price of the course alone.   Thirteen tabbed 
sections provide a wealth of information gathered from many sources, some 
of which has never been published anywhere before.

·         An opportunity to share information with others in the business 
or those who are considering starting up a new project.

·         Seminar leaders are available to discuss individual problems and 

·         Class size is limited to encourage a high-level of interaction 
between participants and seminar leaders.

The content of this curriculum is progressive, building from simple, basic 
issues (such as understanding the process of thermophilic composting) and 
then moving to more advanced topics (such as business management).

Chapters in the Best Management Practices
in Vermicomposting Notebook

1. Introduction:  Waste Management Issues
2. Composting: The Process
3. Compost:  The Product
4. Biology & Ecology of Earthworms
5. Vermicomposting:  Process & Product
6. Marketing
7. Financing 8. Site Design
9. Operations
10. Business Plan
11. Regulations
12. Resources
13. Glossary of Terms

Who Should Attend
  Anyone interested in opportunities in vermicomposting.  Individuals 
having an interest may include (but are not limited to):

*  Entrepreneurs
  *  Recycling Coordinators * Educators
*  Compost operators
  *  Solid Waste Managers * Dairymen
*  Organic Farmers
  *  Ag-Extension Officers                        * Investors
*  Worm Farmers
  *  Master Gardeners &            Composters    *Consultants
*  Nursery Owners *  Landscapers *  Regulators

The Vermicomposting in Waste Management Seminar will be held at the 
spacious Shilo Inn (click here for pictures and hotel details), 11707 NE 
Airport Way, just one mile south of the Portland International Airport in 
Portland, Oregon.   Be sure to mention VermiCo for a greatly reduced room 
rate which includes breakfast. Free shuttle to and from the airport saves 
you the cost of taxi or car rental.

There are also reasonably-priced budget motels available within easy 
walking distance of the Seminar location at the Shilo Inn.

Program Schedule:

A certificate of course completion (suitable for framing) will be issued to 
those taking the optional exam who achieve a minimum passing score.

For more info:

  Peter Bogdanov

Peter Bogdanov, Executive Director of VermiCo

Kelly Slocum, Vermiculture Specialist in Clark County, Vancouver, WA and 
former Associate Editor of Worm Digest.

Invited Special Guest Speakers
( Subject to Change Without Notice)

Dr. Scott Subler, One of the world’s leading soil ecologists, an authority 
on earthworm castings, and President of Pacific Garden Company (operates a 
Continuous Flow Reactor) in Washington State.

Mary Appelhof, author of Worms Eat My Garbage, Worms Eat Our Garbage: 
Classroom Activities for a Better Environment (1993), Wormania! (1995) a 
26-minute video featuring "Worm Woman" Mary along with 
songwriter/entertainer Billy Brennan and his kids exploring the world of 
worms, publisher of the new WormEzine internet journal of vermicomposting, 
and organizer of the Vermillennium conference in 2000.


Every participant will receive The Vermicomposting in Waste Management 
Seminar: Best Practices Manual, a 3-ring binder comprehensive handbook for 
use during the seminar and afterwards.

In addition, you’ll receive many other valuable materials, including free 
copies of BioCycle, Casting Call newsletter, a copy of Worm Digest and 
more!  Certificates of Course Completion will be awarded to those who 
satisfactorily pass an optional exam.

Lunch is provided both days.

TAX DEDUCTIBLE:    “All expenses of continuing education (fees, travel, 
meals, and lodging) undertaken to maintain and improve professional skills 
are tax deductible. (Treas. Reg. 1-162-5, Coughlin vs. Commissioner, 203F 
2d 307).”  Consult your accountant for details.

ALUMNI SPECIAL OFFER: For this seminar only, we are inviting alumni from 
past seminars to join us for 1/2 off to registration cost.

SEMINAR GUARANTEE:  If, after attending this seminar, you are not fully 
satisfied that we have delivered everything promised in this brochure, 
simply notify the seminar administrator by the lunch break, and after 
returning the materials, we will refund the entire registration fee.

1.       CALL our registrar at (541) 476-9626.  Office hours are 8 a.m. to 
5 p.m., Pacific Time.  At other times, messages may be left on our recorder.

2.       MAIL the registration information and send with check, money 
order, or credit card information (Visa, M/C, Discover, Amer. Exp.) to 
VermiCo, PO Box 2334, Grants Pass, OR. 97528.  Please include the names, 
telephone numbers, email and addresses of all attendees.

3.       FAX registration information with credit card information (Visa, 
M/C, Discover, Amer. Exp.) to (541) 476-4555.  Please include the names, 
telephone numbers, email and addresses of all attendees.

4.       EMAIL the registration information and pay using our secure online 
shopping cart at  Please include the 
names, telephone numbers, email and addresses of all attendees.

#1001 Best Management Practices in Vermicomposting Seminar $249

Check or Money Order made out to VermiCo.

P.O. number (For government agencies only.  Copy of P.O. must be 
attached.  Payment must be received prior to start of event to be admitted.)

Please include names, addresses and phone numbers for all those who will be 
attending the workshop.

If you are unable to attend any of our current upcoming seminars, but would 
like to be kept informed of future seminars please email your mailing and 
email address to and we will contact you when 
information becomes available.

Since we began the Seminar in Sept 1999, we've had many requests for the 
material in the Best Management Practices in Vermicomposting Seminar. 
Several have asked if the course manual is for sale. Until now, we've only 
made the manual available at the Seminar, largely to encourage people to 
attend the live performance. However, we realize that many people, for many 
reasons, simply cannot attend, but would appreciate having access to the 
material found in the manual.

Our first manual contained about 250 pages and our attendees spoke very 
highly of it. Today's current edition contains over 420 pages divided into 
13 tabbed sections. In the actual seminar, power point presentations, 
slides and videos are used in the first 4 or five sections only. Because of 
the great number of guest speakers used, we have never covered all the 
material contained in the manual during the live presentations. There 
simply has not been enough time to cover all the material over the two-day 

If you are unable to attend one of our Seminars but would like to purchase 
the manual, we are making it available for just $249 with free shipping in 
the US and $35 shipping outside the US. The purchase of the manual would 
also include a coupon for a special half-price offer (for one person), for 
a future seminar registration.  Please note that all sales are final and no 
refunds will be given.

#1003 Best Management Practices in Vermicomposting Manual with 1/2 off 
coupon for a future Seminar $249

If you would like to host/sponsor a vermicomposting workshop or seminar in 
your area or for your organization please contact us.

VermiCo, PO Box 2334, Grants Pass, OR 97528  (541) 476-9626; Fax (541) 
476-4555; email

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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