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[GreenYes] Energy Star Home Improvement Toolbox From EPA
Title: Energy Star Home Improvement Toolbox From EPA

Many Americans are concerned about the environment, but few realize that the average home contributes approximately 22,000 lbs. of carbon dioxide emissions annually—almost twice as much as the average car. Fortunately, homeowners can reduce pollution and save money on energy bills by making smart decisions when remodeling and repairing their home.

To help homeowners save energy, save money, and contribute to environmental protection, ENERGY STAR has developed the Home Improvement Toolbox. This interactive Web site provides practical advice for home improvement and remodeling decisions. The Home Improvement Toolbox consists of a suite of tools homeowners can use to benchmark the efficiency of their home, receive customized recommendations for home improvement projects, learn how to include ENERGY STAR labeled products when remodeling, and solve energy-wasting household problems such as drafty rooms, cold floors, and ineffective air conditioning.

By using products and practices recommended by ENERGY STAR, consumers can save up to 30 percent on energy costs.  Last year alone, ENERGY STAR helped Americans save enough energy to power 10 million homes and reduce greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to those of ten million cars.

Thanks for being part of our effort to change the world through ENERGY STAR.

Dale Hoffmeyer

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

(202) 564-1464

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