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[GreenYes] new report on PAYT in New York
I'm pleased to announce the release of our newest report, entitled "Cutting
New York's Trash Costs Through Pay-As-You-Throw".  The report has been
released in collaboration with the Center for Economic and Environmental

This report is very timely, discussing how New York City might reduce its $1
billion/year solid waste budget through the implementation of a program
charging waste generators based on the amount of trash that they generate.
Under a PAYT program, households would actually have an incentive to reduce
waste levels to save money.  The current system, which funds waste
collection and disposal service out of the property tax base, offers no such

The report tries to present a balanced view of PAYT, and does not sugar coat
the fact that implementing PAYT in NYC would be a significant undertaking.
Nonetheless, the report makes the point that now is the ideal time to begin
talking about such issues, given that the Mayor's new waste disposal plan
does not appear to cut the City's costs by any significant amount.  During
the next 1-2 years, the City also intends to revamp its curbside recycling
program so plastic and glass recycling becomes more cost effective -- the
report discusses the role PAYT can play in achieving this goal.

Copies of the press release, executive summary, and full report can be found
at HEC's web site at

Steve Hammer
Hammer Environmental Consulting

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