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Re: [GreenYes] public comments on EPA's proposed rule for CRTs

 does anyone know which US companies pollute the most ..not in other countries just in the US.??? and where they are located?

thanks working on a documentary

David Wood <> wrote:

The EPA has proposed new rules for the management of used CRTs (cathode ray tubes), in an effort to promote the recycling and safe management of these devices, each of which contains between 4-8 pounds of lead. The EPA's proposed rule for Hazardous Electronics Waste falls far short of its goals, in several important respects -- by failing to address spent CRTs from consumers and small generators, by overlooking the threats posed by lead (and other materials) in circuit boards, and by failing to limit export of these hazardous wastes.
        GRRN, Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition, and Basel Action Network, on behalf of the Computer TakeBack Campaign, have prepared a comment letter for folks and their groups to use and submit to the EPA by August 12, 2002. Link directly to the e-letter at

You can also cut and paste the letter's text if you want to submit a hard copy or organize people in your group, community or firm to submit hard copies to the EPA. Link to the EPA's proposed rule and supporting materials at

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