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RE: [GreenYes] question regarding CDs
CD-ROMs/Jewel Cases
Taylor Science Materials Center
Contact: Thomas DuMars, Director
19501 White Ground Road
Boyds, MD 20841
(301) 353 0866	
MRC Polymers c/o DADC Recycling Program
3307 South Lawndale 
Chicago, IL 60623 
Phone: (773) 890-9000 
This CD recycling program, which accepts both CDs and CD jewel cases, is
operated in cooperation with Digital Audio Disc Corporation. Ovid accepts
post-consumer obsolete CDs from individuals who must pay shipping costs.
Ovid markets the material to a manufacturer of parts for the automotive
industry. The program has been in operation for several years. 
For more information on the Compact Disc Recycling Program, please contact
Joe Parke of Digital Audio Disc Corporation at (812) 462-8323.	
Plastic Recycling, Inc.
2015 S. Pennsylvania Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46225 
Phone: (317) 780-6100 
Company will accept CDs for recycling at no charge to the customer other
than the shipping cost. She further stated that they also accept CDs that
are cracked or broken, and there is no minimum or maximum quantity they will
420 Ashwood Drive 
Darlington, PA 16115 
Phone: (412) 827-8172
Nesar is a CD recycler employing 14 individuals and processing about 100,000
lbs./month of obsolete CDs. Primary supplier is the U.S. Army and Bayer
Corp. These CDs are from outdated Federal logs. It also source CD-ROMS from
car dealerships and law libraries, and scrap from CD manufacturers. Nesar
does limited conventional advertising of its services, and most of their
outreach is done through word-of-mouth. Nesar was listed by the Federal
Logistics Agency, which resulted in the supply agreement with the Army.

MRC Polymers 
Contact: Dave Lawson, Roy Peabody 
1716 West Webster
Chicago, IL 60614 
Phone: (773) 276-6345 
Fax: (773) 276-4431 
Web: <> 
MRC processes a wide-range of plastics. The company has a program for
recycling CDs. It grind them and remove the foil, repelletize the
polycarbonate (PC) and market the material to automotive parts industry.
Sony Corp. is their major supplier. MRC does not accept material from
individual consumers. MRC has ISO 9001 certification. 	
Bayer Corp. 
Plastics Business Group 
Pittsburgh, PA 
Contact: Patricia Etta, Manager of Resource Recovery 
Phone: (412) 777-2000 
Bayer has two patents for size reduction and demetalizing of CDs. Since 1990
they have operated a captive CD processing plant in Germany that
incorporates these technologies. Bayer has been recycling CDs in the U.S.
since 1993. Since it is the worlds largest supplier of polycarbonate resin,
the sources for the CDs are primarily Bayer's customers. The company also
source material from magazine publishers (e.g., PC World) and government
agencies. It contracts with Nesar for the reprocessing of the CDs they
collect. The material is primarily audio CDS, with some CD- ROMs. Bayer
produces its own product with a blend of 25% recycled polycarbonate called
Bay Blend that is used in computer housings. It also markets processed
recycled material to the automotive parts industry. The volume of material
handled varies widely, and the market for the material is very cyclical.

Lacerta Group Inc. 
Tape Recycle Dept. 
134 Southampton St.
Boston MA 02118 
Phone: (617) 442-3111 
Fax: (617) 442-6111 
E-Mail: <>  
Web: <>  
Contact: Ali Lofti 
Lacerta recycles VHS Cassettes, 3480 & 3490 data cartridges, 9- track
computer tapes, 4 & 8 mm tapes, CDs, and CD-ROMs.	
Trotter Technologies 
San Jose, CA 
Contact: Steve Trotter Processor/Manufacturer. Remanufactures CDs from
returned software. Recovered 20 million CD's in its second year of
Gulf Coast Recycling Services, Inc.
Evansville, IN 
Contact: Jerry A. Cook Processor. 
Recovers used CDs and uses its own technology to remove the metal. Also
removes coatings from other types of plastics like painted ABS or PS. 	
GE Plastics 
Mount Vernon, IN 
Receives used CDs, grinds them and removes the metal and lacquers. 	
Greenbrier Associates 
Contact: Matthew Hurley 
West Newbury, MA 01985 
Phone: (978) 363-5547 
Web: <>  
Remanufacturers (erases and reformats) used CDs and any floppy disks. Call
for information. 	
Polymer Recovery Services 
1440 Norman Ave 
Santa Clara, CA 95054 
Phone: (408) 748-9715 
They are a commerical dealer and prefer large truck loads, but if you have
just a few CDs, disks, CD cases, etc, they'll gladly take them off your

NE-SAR Systems
420 Ashwood Road
Darlington, PA 16115-9325.
Phone:  (724) 827-8172, stated that they prefer the CDs be unbroken for
safety reasons during handling, and that there is no weight restriction
placed on the CD packages. The service is free except for the cost of
shipping the discs to the center.
Shipping procedures are as follows:
Only whole discs may be sent. Do not cut or break the discs; There is no
need to scratch the sides of each disc; Remove all disc packaging, including
sleeves, paper, and mailing envelopes

Katherine J. Murray
Waste Diversion Planner
City of Austin Solid Waste Services
(512) 974-9043
fx (512) 974-9048

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Try <> .
These things become obosolete AND can be recyled.
Chris Cloutier
D&R International
1684 Selby Ave.
Saint Paul, MN 55104
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Subject: RE: [GreenYes] question regarding CDs
Teachers and kids like them for crafts.  There are several websites that
offer ideas.  We give them away, along with a talk about things that become
obsolete AND can't be recycled.
Heidi Feldman
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From: Amy Bauman []
Sent: Friday, July 26, 2002 10:07 PM
To: TomT;
Subject: RE: [GreenYes] question regarding CDs
tie ten of them together with a nice ribbon and give them away as coasters.
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Sent: Friday, July 26, 2002 12:29 PM
Subject: [GreenYes] question regarding CDs
    What is the best way to dispose of computer CDs?  My company receives
software updates periodically and I'd really not like to throw the old CD
into the garbage can.
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