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[GreenYes] Fw: Rep. Rivers and Sen. Jeffords Introduce National Bottle Recycling Bill
Congresswoman Lynn Rivers
Contact: Luke Forrest at (202) 225-6261 
July 26, 2002
Rep. Rivers and Sen. Jeffords Introduce National 
Bottle Recycling Bill
Washington, DC - Today, Congresswoman Lynn N. 
Rivers introduced the pro-environment National 
Beverage Producer Responsibility Act of 2002.  
Senator Jim Jeffords, Chairman of the Senate 
Environment and Public Works Committee, has 
introduced the companion bill in the Senate.  
Rivers-Jeffords will create new incentives for 
reuse and recycling of beverage containers and 
would establish a national 10-cent deposit on 
recyclable beverage containers.
"Reusable containers are simply not being 
recycled," said Rivers.   "Over the past nine 
years, the rate at which recyclable containers 
have gone to landfills has grown by 40%.  This 
bipartisan, bicameral legislation is a 
modification of my National Beverage Container 
Reuse and Recycling Act, which   I have 
introduced in this and previous Congresses.  
Allowing for a refund on all beverage containers 
will motivate individuals to clean up the 
Modeled after the highly successful Michigan 
program that has consistently achieved a 90% 
recycle rate, the Rivers-Jeffords bottle bill 
would reduce recyclable waste dramatically.  It 
would also improve on current state programs by 
making bottled water, juice and tea part of the 
deposit initiative.  This modification is 
essential, since the sale of non-carbonated 
bottled beverages has grown by leaps and bounds 
over the past decade.
"In addition to creating new incentives for 
reuse and recycling, this legislation would 
greatly reduce the costs associated with solid 
waste management and result in significant 
energy conservation and resource recovery."  
Rivers concluded, "It's the smart thing to do."

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