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RE: [GreenYes] question regarding CDs

I send ours to NE-SAR Systems in Darlington PA.  I put it in Google and came up with these 2 choices.  Recommend you call first to make sure all info is still current.


The service is free except for the cost of shipping the discs to the center. Shipping procedures are as follows:

- Only whole discs may be sent. Do not cut or break the discs;

- There is no need to scratch the sides of each disc;

- Remove all disc packaging, including sleeves, paper, and mailing envelopes; and

- Ship to NE-SAR Systems, 420 Ashwood Road, Darlington, PA 16115-9325.

Ms. Ilene Zeh, Secretary, NE-SAR, (724) 827-8172, stated that they prefer the CDs be unbroken for safety reasons during handling, and that there is no weight restriction placed on the CD packages.

2. Plastic Recycling, 2015 S. Pennsylvania, Indianapolis, IN 46225, (317) 780-6100, POC Shelly Harmon. Ms. Harmon stated her company will accept CDs for recycling at no charge to the customer other than the shipping cost. She further stated that they also accept CDs that are cracked or broken, and there is no minimum or maximum quantity they will accept.



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    What is the best way to dispose of computer CDs?  My company receives software updates periodically and I'd really not like to throw the old CD into the garbage can.




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