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[GreenYes] inkjet cartridge recycling

  On the discussion of printer manufacturers and what to do about the reuse (and even the recycling) options, the document linked below shows a pretty grim future if the printer manufacturers don't face some challenges to their practice of driving out all competition by putting "smart chips" on their cartridges - making refilling obsolete.

Although the link below is to a rather large document, please at least pay attention to page 1 (the abstract) and page 25 (the conclusion). (Thanks Eric Leinhard for the info.)

I'd love to hear any additional insights on if there are any challenges against any of these companies (Toshiba, Lexmark, HP, Epson) who are 
taking away the one thing that we seemed to have a handle on when it came to computers and waste reduction!

I'd also love to hear if anyone knows whether there is any discussions/plan to have inkjet cartridges that have "smart chips" recycled or whether it is too much bother with removing/replacing the chips.
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