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[GreenYes] The Relation of Landfill Gas to Recycling's Future

your post on greenyes was one of the most incisive postings yet.  I
agree with you 100%.  Count ILSR onboard to help with a campaign against
these dreadful landfills and to educate the public or at least key
message people.

On a related note, I recently looked at EPA's 1998 report on Greenhouse
Gas Emissions from Management of Selected Materials in Municipal Solid
Waste and was surprised by some of the assumptions used. For instance,
on the landfilling side, "most of the captured methane is converted to
CO2, which is not counted as a greenhouse gas because it is biogenic."
This I don't get. Why is CO2 converted from captured methane gas from
landfills considered biogenic? If you're interested, I'll share some
more of my critique of the report.  I know EPA is getting ready to issue
another soon.   It'll be interesting to see how the data changes.

Brenda Platt
Institute for Local Self-Reliance

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