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[GreenYes] Transfer/Long-Haul Costs

A question for the system economics gurus out there:

I'm looking for information any of you might have on the costs involved with
transferring or long-hauling solid waste.  Specifically, I'm wondering if
anyone has ever documented the effects, on a community, of a local landfill
closure and how/if the subsequent transfer and long-haul of that waste has
altered the community's cost of waste management.  

It seems like conventional wisdom that transferring waste for long-haul
will, more times than not, increase the costs of waste management.  I'm just
wondering if anyone has any empirical data, recent studies, etc. that
demonstrates the concept.



Jeffrey W. Aluotto
Hamilton County Solid Waste
Management District
ph:   513-946-7719
fax:  513-946-7779

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