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[GreenYes] Enviro Investing and Lending Panel
Subject: Virtual Learning Center Special - Environmental Investing and
Lending Panel,
Wednesday, July 24th

A growing number of Community Development Finance Institutions (CDFIs) are
investing in environmentally focused enterprises, from organic farms to
recycling to brownfields

On Wednesday, July 24th, 1:00 to 3:00 PM EDT, hear from five CDFI
leaders in the field of green lending/investing and explore the rapidly
emerging triple bottom-line philosophy of ecology/economy/equity.

This one-session presentation and discussion panel will offer case
examples of lending to green projects, as well as ideas on screening
projects, marketing, attracting green investors, and seeking to create
quality employment while earning returns for investors. It will provide
examples of CDFI investments in environmental facilities and programs.
It is recommended for CDFIs that are considering entering or already
working this field.

It's also an opportunity for investors to learn about this area of CDFI
work, and for environmental organization leaders to learn how CDFIs

The panelists include Jere Shaw - Coastal Enterprises, Inc., Fred
Broadwell - Self-Help, Rick Larson - Sustainable Jobs Fund, John Berdes -
Shorebank Enterprise Pacific, and a panelist TBD from The Reinvestment Fund.

Join the live presentation and discussion by phone and Internet from
your own desk at work, home, or at the wetland.

Register now: Deadline Monday, July 15

To enroll, download a faxable enrollment form at
Or call 215 923-4754 and ask to have a VLC enrollment form faxed to you.

The Virtual Learning Center provides live, distance learning classes in
community development finance.  For more information:
Eric A. Dahlberg
Manager, Training
620 Chestnut Street, Suite 572
Philadelphia, PA 19106
215 923-4754, X241

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