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[GreenYes] GreenYes Kids Update
Believe it or not, after the
home page, our kids recycle! subsite
is _the_  most visited part of our site.
Part of this is due to the fact that
GRRN is consistently on the first page
of websites to be found on search engines
like google and yahoo for the term "recycling."

We've received nine votes,
7 for, 2 against having a
GreenYes Kids list.

I would like to heartily
thank those who voted and those who made
comments for their excellent feedback,
both on the comments section and privately.

Due to the lack of interest in
the idea, we will be searching for
other venues with which to reach kids.

Please note: This is not a problem! 
It genuinely helps me know where 
to focus my attention for the kids recycle! subsite.

Best regards,


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