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[GreenYes] RCAP Needs a Development Director
Hello All -
Please let me know if you are aware of anyone who has excellent fundraising
skills.  The RCAP national office is seeking a Development Director.  We had
a candidate who accepted and then decided to take another offer, so we would
like find someone for this position ASAP!!
In case I haven't already told you - I LOVE my new job!  The RCAP network is
dedicated to helping rural communities with drinking water, wastewater, and
solid waste issues. We have a network of more than 250 technical assistance
providers throughout the country who work directly (very hands-on) with
mostly low-income and minority rural communities to address their needs.
Currently, we work domestically but we are also seeking opportunities to
work on short-term projects in rural communities abroad.  Our affiliates
also work on other rural issues including affordable housing, economic
development, telecommunications, etc. and we would like to support them in
those efforts by obtaining funding for those types of programs as well.
Support for our drinking water, wastewater, and solid waste projects
currently come from USDA and EPA - but we are looking to expand our network
of supporters.
Check out our website: and those of our affiliates (accessible
through our site).  Here's the job description.
RCAP Inc., a national non-profit organization serving small rural
communities, is seeking an experienced development director. The successful
candidate will have demonstrated the ability to seek out and research
funding sources, prepare fundable grant proposals and maintain relationships
with funders. Strong written/oral communication and computer skills are
required. Some knowledge of rural community infrastructure and environmental
issues is highly desirable and an understanding of rural program development
in loan funds, housing or telecommunications would be a plus. Salary range
$55k-$65k. Excellent benefits. Send resume with salary history to RCAP,
Inc., 1522 K St., Suite 400, Washington, DC 20005.
Email to AA/EOE.
Feel free to call me if you have any questions.
Christine McCoy
Director, Environmental Programs
202/408-1273 ext. 104

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