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[GreenYes] Bill on Advanced Recycling Fee on CRTs reported out ofCommission in NC
The Environmental Review Commission of the NC Legislature has reported out draft legislation that has both an advance recycling fee of $10 per CRT sold to someone in NC and a landfill ban on CRTs by 2005. THe bill will be calendared in  both the NC House and Senate this month and should appear on the NC Legislature's web site that happens. The bill is generally supported by environmental interests and by many local governments and generally opposed by Retail Merchants and computer manufacturers. 

If you live in North Carolina or know someone who does, you may wish to contact your legislators regarding this bill. It is one of few that combines the ARF with the ban. It also recognizes that due to the hazardous nature of CRTs they are de facto (and de jure) banned from landiflls right now, unless they are residentially generated (i.e.exempt just like other HHW)
The bill recognizes that leasing computers is a desirable option so does not tender the ARF on leased equipment. It also sets a limit of 5 CRTs delievered to a local government program quarterly to keep the from being swamped by commercial hardware. It also provides that those bringing in more than 5 CRTs without proof of an ARF having been paid (on new CRTs) can pay for recycling/disposal of them. 

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