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[GreenYes] At the (Grass)Root: GRRN is Grreat (EarthNet News)
If you haven't already, check out GRRN's new College 
Zero Waste site.  It's profiled in this week's EarthNet News 
(which goes to 10,000 students).

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EarthNet News  
May 31, 2002  
5. At the (Grass)Root: GRRN is Grreat 


What do you get when you mix a network of waste reduction
activists and professionals with the goal of creating
a sustainable economy based on the idea of Zero Waste?
Besides one very long sentence, you also get the GrassRoots
Recycling Network. The GRRN sees colleges and universities
as not just institutions of higher education, oh no.
They see them as training sites for recycling and waste
reduction practices, which can then be applied to organizational
settings in the future. 

One of the goals of the GRRN is taking existing recycling
programs and trying to push their boundaries even further,
with the goal of creating completely sustainable, Zero
Waste institutions. What is Zero Waste, you ask? If
you believe the GRRN (and really, who wouldn't?) the
program aims to curb waste instead of just managing
it. At its core it makes the most of recycling efforts,
but goes further in trying to reduce consumption, and
also insure that products are designed to be reused
or recycled back into nature or in some other way.
It's a perfect blend. 

Check it all out at GrassRoots Recycling Website. 

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