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[GreenYes] FW: 17 June 2002 Global Day of Action against Waste Incineration
More information on the Global Day of Action Against Waste Incineration:


We, your colleagues from the Global Alliance for Incinerator
Alternatives/Global Anti-Incinerator Alliance (GAIA), invite you to
participate in the first ever Global Day of Action against Waste
Incineration on 17 June 2002

This is an opportune time to show the incinerator industry what the global
community thinks of their polluting technology.  Whether you are fighting a
medical waste incinerator or promoting green healthcare facilities, we hope
that you can become part of this global initiative and use it to advance
your own local or national campaigns. There are currently some 50 groups
from 25 countries committed to participate.


17 June 2002 is the first day of the sixth session of the Intergovernmental
Negotiating Committee (INC6) on the Stockholm Convention on Persistent
Organic Pollutants (POPs); the meeting will take place in Geneva,
Switzerland from 17-21 June 2002. This is relevant to our work because the
Treaty identifies incinerators for municipal solid waste, hazardous waste
and medical waste as primary sources of unintentional POPs such as dioxins
and furans, and calls for the continuing minimization and ultimate
elimination of POPs.

We can use the POPs Treaty as a hook for government, media and community
attention to show that incineration is inconsistent with the Treaty's goals
of eliminating POPs, and to demand a shift to sustainable alternatives, like
clean production and zero waste. But you do not need to make this link to
the Treaty if it does not work for you.


There are many actions your group could take on this day, depending on your
current campaigns, your situation, and your time. One way of approaching the
Global Day of Action is to think of activities that your group has been
planning to do anyway or does regularly, and have that as your action on
that day, such as meeting hospital administrators or healthcare
professionals, reaching out to affected communities or briefing the press.
The point of the Global Day of Action is to further your own campaigns, so
do what makes sense for you. The scale of your participation and the amount
of time you put into the Global Day of Action is completely up to you, but
we hope you will consider being part of this exciting day.


The on-line Action Kit at
offers activists, campaigners and journalists with useful materials to
support their work. It contains informative background documents on waste
and incineration, including useful web resources and links.  Downloadable
logo, posters and stickers are likewise available from the Kit.  We suggest
to participating groups to use the global logo to go alongside their
letterhead, and on brochures and leaflets that groups will publish and


The day of action is being organized by GAIA.  Please let us know if you can
join the Global Day of Action and what you plan to do on 17 June 2002.
Please contact Manny Calonzo at and Monica Wilson at

We hope that this global event will generate broad interest and
participation from all corners of the world and lead to a stronger
opposition against waste incineration.

We look forward to your participation in the first Global Day of Action
against Waste Incineration!

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