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[GreenYes] Recycling at Music Festivals
Regarding Ben's request for information about recycling at music festivals:

Gerry Gillespie from Resource New South Wales in Australia was just 
in the states to participate in the International Composting 
Conference in Columbus, Ohio. He left with me several copies of a 
booklet and CD (which I have been unable to access) on recycling 
planning, execution, and results at the Majors Creek Music Festival 
November 2001. Billed as a Waste Wise Event, and as a component of 
NSW's "going for ZERO (Waste)" program, the festival reused, recycled 
or composted all materials collected.

In their conclusion, the authors stated that the goal of Zero Waste 
to Landfill was achieved ". . . because the packaging used at the 
event was controlled, because the organizer were focused and because 
the people who attended the event were made to feel that they were 
doing something special, they were asked to become involved and they 
were excited at the prospective outcome."

I have a few copies of the booklet which I will send to those who 
send me an email with their mailing address. When they run out you'll 
have to get a copy from Gerry in Australia and probably offer to pay 
the postage.

Mary Appelhof
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