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[GreenYes] baby diapers... what solution?

reusable cloth diapers are not hard to fine -- but you do generally have
to mail order them.  There are at least a dozen companies who offer
these and they're much cheaper to use than disposable diapers.

Here are some companies:

Baby Bunz & Co.
Barefoot Baby   
Choosey Diapers
Kelly's Closet    
Katie's Kisses    
Green Mountain Diapers
Diapering Decision  
Baby Mine Store      
Cotton Kids               

Many of these sites have information on the problems with disposable
diapers and the environmental and cost advantages of reusable diapers.

With regard to your question about biodegradable liners... Kushies makes
flushable biodegradable liners.  These liners are designed for use in
cloth diapers and can be peeled off the diapers and flushed.

Brenda Platt

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