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[GreenYes] ReUse Specialist OPening at Univ of MN
Reuse Program Specialist
Waste Management & Recycling
Position Description
University of Minnesota Facilities Management

of Position

The Reuse Program recovers useable furniture, equipment and supplies from
the University's solid waste stream and makes them available to other
University Departments and outside customers.  This position evaluates
incoming and off-site surplus materials and equipment for acceptability
under the program guidelines, assesses a value and price for suitable
materials, and facilitates the purchase and transport of goods sold to


Description Receives, sorts, moves, stores, evaluates, and prepares incoming
equipment, materials, furniture and supplies for the Reuse Program.
Determines appropriate value and price of materials received based upon
usability, quality of condition, and function.  Organizes and stages goods
for resale in the warehouse.  Performs minor repair to surplus items that
provides added value.  Scraps materials that aren't turning over through
recycling or disposal.

Tracks inventory, quantity and value of all incoming and outgoing goods,
both delivered and sold.  Determines weight of all outgoing materials.
Photographs items available for reuse, and posts with descriptive
information on the Reuse Program website.  Organizes and maintains the
"For-Bid" section of website.

Assists campus customers in finding needed materials, furniture and
equipment.  Places holds on goods, when appropriate.  Answers customer
questions and concerns regarding Reuse policies and procedures.  Prepares
items for pick-up, and assists customers in loading items from the warehouse
into vehicles.  Facilitates materials transfer between departments before
items are removed from campus, when applicable. Handles customer payments,
including calculation of applicable sales tax.  Develops internal and
external markets for receiving and distribution of goods.

Minimum Qualifications

Post-high school education and experience in inventory and record
maintenance, recycling, reuse or surplus operations to total four years.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

* Knowledge of secondary markets, reuse, recycling or salvage operations.
* Knowledge of tools, equipment, and processes used in recycling or surplus
* Working knowledge of inventorying methods and practices.
* Ability to lift 25 - 75 lbs. frequently, and over 75 lbs. occasionally.
* Skill in maintaining and updating information on departmental website.
* Strong customer service orientation.
* Expertise in dealing with people at all levels within an organization.
* Ability to balance multiple projects and establish priorities.
* Familiarity with antiques and collectibles beneficial.

Work Environment

Work is generally performed in large heated warehouse without
air-conditioning.  Exposure to potentially hazardous substances (chemicals,
solvents, infectious agents, etc.) left in furniture or laboratory equipment
is possible.

Class #:		1818
Salary Range: 	$25,605 - 40,373
Status: 		Non-exempt
Last Revision: 	4/3/02

Chris Cloutier
e4 partners, inc.
2801 21st Ave S
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55407
612.278.7141 (f)

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