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Re: [GreenYes] Fwd:Corporate highjacking of Rio+10 Summit
Eric Lombardi makes excellent points.  One of the great challenges is communicating with opinion leaders and the public when the issues often seem murky.

For example, progress in the United States in eliminating some of the most serious pollution problems in the last several decades has produced a false sense of security, and makes it easier for various polluters to dispute claims made by environmentalists.   So the 'crisis' may have just been delayed rather than eliminated.

Now that most companies claim to be 'green', and some genuine progress has been made in the U.S., the communications challenges are different.  We see fewer protests and more paid advertising by environmental groups, as one example of how times have changed.

Rio+10 has potential to engage a new generation of activists and leaders.  Recycling advocates and zero waste advocates must reach out to students and young adults in order to sustain and build upon the progress made to date.

Lance King

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