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[GreenYes] Wisconsin's mercury initiatives
One sentence from John Reindl's thoughtful response to Wayne Turner's
question on why he thinks Wisconsin has the support it does for responsible
environmental initiatives jumped out at me:

"I think we build on each others' ideas and energy."

This is so critical for all of us. There are so many elements in our
society and in international events which are so draining of our time and
energy these days. I feel that I must continually seek out those people who
are working in positive directions; who exude optimism that there are
solutions; who are showing the way in innovative and creative ways. Having
a list such as this where people can share successes, and provide insight,
and give specific recommendations on ways that work is SO valuable! Jeff
Morris' piece is a case in point. And John Reindl's frequent and consistent
contributions which provide not only solutions as to how we did it, but who
asks good questions that we all might do well by asking. Gary Liss gave us
the information that enabled me to finally meet Gunter Pauli, founder of
ZERI (Zero Emissions Research Initiative), and I will be participating in
the coming ZERI training sessions this summer and through the fall. Helen
Spiegelman is one of the clearest thinkers I know of through her postings
on this list.

I thank you all for your contributions. May we all build on each other's
successes, and pool our energies for the times when the naysayers try to
overwhelm us with their negativism.

Mary Appelhof

Mary Appelhof
Author of Worms Eat My Garbage
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Publisher: The Worm Cafe: Vermicomposting of Lunchroom Wastes by Binet Payne.

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