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[GreenYes] Landfill Tipping Fees

WASTE NEWS -- 4/9/02
  Virginia proposes trash disposal fee to fund environmental programs

  RICHMOND, VA. (April 9) ¨ Virginia Gov. Mark R. Warner wants to impose a
$5-per-ton fee on trash deposited in Virginia landfills to fund open space
preservation, water quality improvement, recycling, solid waste management
and the cleanup and redevelopment of brownfields sites.
  The governor, speaking at an April 9 news conference, said his
conservation initiative would bring Virginia's policies more into line with
neighboring states and generate needed funds.

  ˘With the proceeds from these additional fees on trash disposal, we will
generate more than $75 million annually for the Commonwealth's critical
needs in open space preservation and water quality improvement,÷ Warner

  Warner said his proposal is receiving support from members of both
political parties.

  The U.S. Supreme Court recently declined to hear an appeal of a lower
court ruling that a Virginia law banning out-of-state waste was
unconstitutional. Virginia is the second-largest importer of solid waste in
the country, behind Pennsylvania.

  The Pennsylvania Legislature is considering increasing its $3.25 tipping
fee by as much as $5, Warner said.

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