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[GreenYes] Recyclers stress major reduction to EPA for nation
Headline News
Recyclers stress major reduction to EPA for nation

WASHINGTON (Dec. 27) -- Recycling professionals, waste reduction activists 
and local government officials are urging the Environmental Protection 
Agency to rewrite the nationīs principal solid waste law to adopt the goal 
of zero waste.

The EPAīs Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Vision Work Group is 
holding public hearings on its recent draft white paper "Beyond
RCRA: Prospects for Waste Materials Management in the Year 2020." The work 
group hopes the paper provokes a public dialogue exploring the future for 
the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act program, according to the 
paperīs introduction.

The paper concludes that during the past 20 years, waste management 
practices have dramatically improved under RCRA. However,
challenges for the future will change. Worldwide demand for basic resources 
-- including fresh water, minerals, energy sources and fibers -- will 
increase, contributing to a need for more sustainable use of resources,
according to the reportīs authors. Health risks will increase as more
man-made chemicals are introduced. Industry will be more efficient and less 
wasteful, and because of a growing global economy, environmental
protections will need to be more internationalized.

Goals for the future should include reducing waste and increasing the 
efficient and sustainable use of resources. Imposing waste generation fees 
or other economic tools may be the most effective means, the report concludes.

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