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Re: [GreenYes] Ted v. teethers
Paul Goettlich wrote:
> History (even truthful Industry "science"--when it can be unearthed by
> activists) has repeatedly illustrated that the *production* of plastic,
> without using the semantics of degrees, ie; PVC v. HDPE, is a highly toxic
> process. The production wastes, aka byproducts, are generally found at
> Superfund Sites. The *use* of plastic is toxic. It has also well-known that
> the *useful life* of plastic is extremely limited when compared with many
> other products. Finally--but infinitely at the same time--plastic is never
> reunited with its source, the Earth. It rests on it, in it, around it, but
> never back to it, as the Master plan would have it.

further: a simple test of sustainability (one of many) does the use of
the product now deny use of that resource to future generations? Fossil
based products, including plastics, will run out - therefore, they
cannot be sustainable in any way what so ever - and this even excludes
the harm they do!!!

> Does it not trouble us that there are NO regulations that are sufficiently
> protective? Does it not trouble us that only a handful of the 80,000
> chemicals have been tested at all, let alone tested as per the existing
> inadequate regulations? 

Goodness - is that all? one reference (which I simply cannot find to day
- Murphy's Law) said there were something in the order of 800 000
chemicals, with less than 10 000 that have had topxicity tests done, and
less than a thousand or so cross-toxicity tests? So we have no idea what
most of these do to us or the planet, and how they interact, remembering
that we cannot predict how and when they will mix for example - is it
just me, or is that the height of stupidity, to allow this sort of

>All, I repeat, all signs point to species
> extinctions at an alarming rate comparable to and greater than previous mass
> extinctions such as the last ice age. It is well beyond being a matter of
> finances. That argument is nonproductive. We can change and we must.

death is forever - profits may last a year or five....


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