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[GreenYes] Other Attempts to Repeal Yard Waste Bans?
As readers of this list know, Waste Management Inc has 
been working quietly in Peoria IL to get the local government 
to work for repeal of the Illinois yard trimmings ban (one of 
20-some: see
hw/muncpl/factbook/internet/mswf/states.htm#3).  WMI
wants the material for their landfill!

As a result of public pressure, a Peoria County Board 
committee voted 2-1 on December 13th to reject Waste 
Management's request (after the City voted in favor a few 
weeks earlier).  That's a great early victory for our 
coalition, but there is more to do. The matter next goes to 
the full County Board on January 10th.  GRRN will be 
posting an e-letter action on our website after the holidays 
to make it easy for you to communicate your concerns to 

In the meantime, we need to find out whether Waste 
Management or any other trash company is trying 
something like this anywhere else in the county.  Learning 
of other instances early will greatly enhance our ability to 
nip this odious problem in the bud.  Please let Peter 
Anderson ( or myself 
( know if you hear of any activity in 
this area

Bill Sheehan

BTW,  the national coalition organized by GRRN to 
address this issue, Coalition to Oppose Attacks on 
Recycling in America, includes an active group, WEAL 
(lead = Charlene Lemoine), that was left off last week's 
press release:

GrassRoots Recycling Network
Sierra Club Illinois Chapter  
Natural Resources Defense Council  
Friends of the Earth 
Institute for Local Self-Reliance 
U.S. Composting Council  

Peoria Area Green Party, Peoria IL  
Peoria Environmental Action  
Waukesha County Environmental Action League
Eco-Cycle, Boulder CO 
Ecology Center, Ann Arbor MI  
St. Paul Neighborhood Coalition, MN  

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