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Re: [GreenYes] Coke recycling?
Llana,   Yes, it's Coke 10% - Pepsi 0%.

As a result of consumer pressure, Coke's CEO Doug Daft made a public
commitment at the shareholder meeting last April to use 10% recycled content
in all of its bottles by 2005. The statement on Coke's web site goes beyond
what we had hear just a month ago.  Last month, a company official claimed
that Coke is already using 10% in three-quarters of its North American
bottles, and plans to reach 10% in all of its U.S. and Canadian bottles by
early 2002.

Ten percent is still a ways from the 25% that Coke promised in 1990 and
currently uses in Australia, Sweden, Switzerland and several other
countries.  And native Doug Daft sat on the board in Australia that oversaw
transition to 25% there.

But it is a significant start and more than the 0% that Pepsi is using.  In
fact, Pepsi is snubbing their nose at recycled content (they made the same
promise at the same time as Coke in 1990).  They recently acquired Gatorade,
the major user of recycled plastic in U.S. beverage containers for the past
9 years, and terminated recycled content!  After an initial flip in October,
Pepsi in early December dumped the company providing recycled content

Please send Pepsi CEO Steven Reinemund an email today from

/Bill Sheehan

Would someone please tell me whether Coca Cola is now using recycled content
in plastic bottles? I know they had not owned up to their promise to do so
as of a couple of years ago. Today I read this on their website:

To introduce innovative and environmentally friendly packaging, we opened a
breakthrough facility in Sydney, Australia for the world's first PET bottles
to be produced from recycled PET bottles. Today, one in four PET containers
sold by The Coca-Cola Company in North America contain recycled content.

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