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Re: [GreenYes] 'Producer Responsibility' and Consumer Cost
Whether it is in the provenance of government (taxes) or the private sector (increased costs), there is no way around the consumer footing the bill for EPR. I think businesses, who are competing with one another for consumer dollars, will set up the most efficient systems. But I wonder, will they be responsive to the needs of the environment without strong guidance from government. I'd hate to see our stuff shipped all over for disassembly because it saves a buck or two. Kind of defeats the purpose, I think.
David Wollner
BRING Recycling
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Here's my two-cents worth just to get things going:  I am more than 80% of  the opinion that producer responsibility won't work because even if the producers are made "responsible" for making sure the products and materials they produce are recycled or reused, the costs associated with this will be passed on guessed it....the consumers.  We are footing the bill
already so why bother?   As grandpa used to say, "Am I right or Am I close?"

You are close but 20% off.  We are footing the bill, and because of that it bothers us that we are subsidizing sending resources to be buried in the ground.  If I am to pay the price of disposal, I would rather it be paid in what I buy.  I can control my choices.  I'll bet Grandpa agrees with me.

Those who choose single service convenience should pay in their price the full price of getting the product back to the manufacturer for repair and recycling.  Why should grandpa and I have to share in the expense of cleaning up from the results of their decadence?  

The way it is done now is that government intercedes for business and through public contracts for disposal at landfill has everybody subsidizing the pollution of public land.  A true capitalist would want a relationship with their consumers without government help.

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