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[GreenYes] paper yard waste bags
dear listserv members, 

once again, i call on your expertise...

our city is implementing a yard waste collection
program with mandatory use of either 32 gallon paper
yard waste bags and/or the re-use of a standard waste

the yard waste bags with which merchants are stocking
shelves are great in size and strength, but they are
not easy to close. i am working with resourceful bag
and tag as a supplier, but they are less than helpful.

so, the question any of you all know of any
paper yard waste bag vendor/supplier/manufacturer that
produce bags with a closing flap similar to the kind
of flap you would find on a bag of coffee?

we are focusing our education efforts on moving our
citizens away from creating another waste stream by
placing yard waste in plastic bags, so any help is
truly appreciated!

thanks in advance,
melissa terry
sustainable environment educator
city of fayetteville

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