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[GreenYes] ACTION ALERT - Pepsi Moving Wrong Way on Recycling!

Tell PepsiCo CEO Steve Reinemund to reinstate the 
use of recycled plastic in Gatorade bottles and to use 
25% in all Pepsi bottles!  Send your free e-Letter today 
from .

PROBLEM: Until two weeks ago, Gatorade was the 
primary user of recycled plastic in plastic drink bottles. 
For 8 years, Gatorade used post-consumer plastic in 
most of its bottles. In August, PepsiCo acquired 
Gatorade's parent company, Quaker Oats. Then in 
mid-October, Gatorade told its bottle supplier to stop 
using recycled plastic in the middle layer of the three-
layer bottles. Pepsi officials said that using recycled 
plastic "brought no value" to the company, according to 
a report published in Plastics Recycling Update. One 
theory is that now that Pepsi owns Gatorade, they don't 
want consumers asking, "Why aren't plastic Pepsi 
bottles also made with recycled plastic?" (which Pepsi 
promised in 1990).

ACTION: Pepsi is beginning to backtrack on its original 
decision to eliminate recycled content in its Gatorade 
line. Now is the time to nail down an order rescinding its 
original decision.  Moreover, and more importantly, now 
is the time to ask Pepsi why it has absolutely nothing to 
at least follow -- if not bypass -- Coca-Cola's 
commendable decision to use 10% recycled content in 
ALL their bottles, not just their small sports drink line.

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