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[GreenYes] Fwd: Re: Rural HHW Collection Programs

>From: Sarah Flaks <>
>To: Recycling Works <>
>Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 16:32:19 -0400
>I work in Central Maine, which is a rural area and am currently organizing 
>a HHW collection for a group of 8 towns in the area.  I pulled from a wide 
>variety of sources.  There is a wealth of info on the web, including 
>a  good overall planning guide on EPA's web site, called "Household 
>Hazardous Waste Management, A Manual for One-Day Community Collection 
>Programs."  I also used reports produced here in Maine by the Androsoggin 
>Valley Council of Govts. and the ME State Planning Office.  I believe the 
>AVCOG report, titled "Lessons Learned From Four Years of Regional HHW 
>Collections" is available on the State Planning Office web site 
>The collection I am organizing is structured so that the 8 towns each pay 
>a proportional portion (based on population) of the set up costs, and then 
>each town is responsible for paying for the disposal costs for its own 
>residents.  Each town has set a cap on what they are willing to spend (and 
>therefore the number of residents who can sign up.)  Residents must pre 
>register.  All the guides I have read strongly recommend this.   I would 
>also be happy to provide additional details on how our collection is set 
>up, and could send you a copy of the RFP we used to obtain a HHW Disposal 
>Company, or promotional/educ. material we are distributing.
>Sarah Flaks
>Kennebec Valley Council of Governments
>207-453-4258, ext. 24
>Craig Barry wrote:
>>  Greetings,I'm looking for some guidance in establishing a 1-day HHW 
>> collection day in a rural setting.I would like to partner with local 
>> government and private business interests to bring a 1-day HHW recovery 
>> collection and a HHW educational outreach program to Blaine County in 
>> central Idaho.I'm looking for any documentation on project planning and 
>> budgeting such collection and outreach efforts for a rural community 
>> with little financial resources.I'll be consulting local HHW service 
>> providers for specific collection costs but was hoping that others might 
>> have some sources for educational materials such as storm drain 
>> placards.Thanks in advance.Cheers,
>>Craig C. Barry
>>Executive Director
>>Environmental Resource Center
>>411 East Sixth Street
>>Box 819
>>Ketchum, ID 83340
>>208.726.1531 fax

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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