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[GreenYes] Economic Impacts of Recycling in Iowa
[forward of a Recycle Iowa posting on the Jobs Through Recycling listserve]

Hello Everyone - Apologies for Cross Posting - Below please find the latest
Press Release from the Recycle Iowa office announcing the release of the
Economic Impacts of Recycling in Iowa study.  The current release package
(Press Release, Executive Summary, Full Study, fact sheets and case study)
is available on our website at  If you have any
questions or comments, please send them to me at or Dave Cretors at  Thanks -

Recycle Iowa Releases Economic Impacts of Recycling in Iowa Study 2001.
State reaps financial benefits and job creation as a result of growing
recycling industry

DES MOINES, IA -Iowa's recycling business sector continues to impact the
state's economy through job creation, according to findings released by the
Iowa Department of Economic Development's Recycle Iowa Office. Based on a
study conducted by RW Beck, a St. Paul-based environmental consultant, for
every 100 jobs created in the state's recycling industry, 72 additional jobs
are created as a result within the state.

"We are pleased with these findings," said Sherry Timmins, Regulatory
Assistance Coordinator. "Back in 1997, Iowa was one of the first states in
the nation to conduct a study measuring the economic impacts of the state's
recycling industry. As we see from these results, Iowa's recycling sector
continues to make a positive impact on our economy."

The study objectives included the measurement of current economic impacts of
Iowa's recycling market infrastructure on employment, income and tax
revenue, and the identification of specific recyclable material market
development opportunities that maximize beneficial economic impacts upon the
State's economy.

As with the 1997 study results, the 2001 study reported continued job
creation in the recycling sector.  Among the important findings,

* For every dollar in total income created in the recycling processing
industry, $1.03 of additional income is sustained in the Iowa economy.
* Direct manufacturing jobs in the recycling industry support
typically high wages, averaging $47,691 per job.
* Recycling-related end-use manufacturing operations in Iowa sustain
over 23,000 jobs and generate nearly $3.33 billion in total industrial
* The recycling equipment industry, one sector in the statewide
recycling industry, provides more than $80 million in total industrial
output and 725 jobs.

For more information on the 2001 study results, please visit the Recycle
Iowa website at or contact Recycle Iowa at
1-800-532-1216 or via email at

Johanna Woelfel
Recycle Iowa
200 East Grand Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50309
(515) 242-4906 Tel., (515) 242-4776 Fax.

Peter Anderson
4513 Vernon Blvd. Suite 15
Madison, WI 53705
(608) 231-1100
Fax (608) 233-0011

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